Dr. Becheanu Gabriel

Șef de Lucrări

Dr. Becheanu Gabriel

SPECIALITY:    Anatomical Pathology




Title:  M.D., Ph.D., Senior Lecturer, Pathologist                                              

First Name: Gabriel                                                                

Last Name:  Becheanu                                                

E-mail Address: gbecheanu@yahoo.com               

Date of Birth: 17.07.1965         

Citizenship:  Romanian                                  





Subject of Speciality + Name of University


Medical Doctor


Medical diploma of UMF Carol Davila  University





Specialist in pathology since 1994



Senior Lecturer

University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila, Bucharest, Romania




Doctor in Medicinal Sciences

Doctoral thesis:  Immunocytochemical features in breast carcinomas



EDUCATION (Courses and postgraduate training)



Name and location (city of Department/Clinic of University


Subject or speciality & tutor’s name

Level of course (degree, diploma certificate, etc.)



Turin, Italy – European School of Pathology

Hematopathology Course



Turin, Italy – European School of Pathology

Digestive tract Pathology, Ovarian Pathology




Craiova, Romania - European School of Pathology

Endocrine Pathology



Craiova, Romania - European School of Pathology

Breast Pathology, tumoral and non-tumoral



Craiova, Romania - European School of Pathology

Urogenital pathology


6-8 November 2008

Victor Babes Institute of Pathology, Bucharest and Romanian Division of International Academy of Pathology


1st International Course on Digestive Pathology






6-7 November


Victor Babes Institute of Pathology, Bucharest and Romanian Division of International Academy of Pathology


2nd International Course on Digestive Pathology









Victor Babes Institute of Pathology, Bucharest and Romanian Division of International Academy of Pathology


3rd International Course on Digestive Pathology






August 30 – September 3 2010

Armed Forces Institute of Pathology (AFIP)

Washington USA

Gastrointestinal Pathology and Hepatopathology Course


29 September – 2 October 2011

Craiova University of Medicine and Pharmacy – “E..Sco..P. Craiova”  - European Society of Pathology - Romania

Update in Thyroid Pathology





Clinical skill, technique, or type of experience

Exact type of procedure

Number of procedures per year

Years of




Autopsies: adults

1991-1997 cca 500 per year


1998-2005 – 300 per year


2006-2008 – 200 per year


2009 – present 100 per year


Macroscopical handling of surgical specimens



2500 specimens per year


Light microscopy examination



10.000 biopsies per year




Pleural, peritoneal fluids and aspiration cytology (FNA) of thyroid, breast, pancreas and liver cysts/masses

2500 per year



Experience in research projects in Gastroenterology and Pathology field

project manager and member of research grants

12 projects


Assistant Professor Croix Rousse Hospital, Pathology Department, Lyon, France, Prof. Dr. L.M. Patricot

Anatomical pathology and cytopathology



1995 sept – 1996 apri.; 1998 – Mar


Assistant Professor, Kantonsspital Aarau, Institute of Pathology, Prof.    Dr. med. Bernhard Stamm

Anatomical pathology and cytopathology


1996 – Oct. – Nov.; 1998 – May – June; 2001 – Sept.- Oct.; 2003 – febr – Mar.

2004 – Jun;  

Expert in Histopathology

TDM 58819 – POSDRU European Project


2011 - 2013




            My experience in pathology have included: digestive tract and liver pathology and surgical pathology (mostly female genital tract and breast pathology), I have handled macroscopical specimens and I have performed light microscopy and immunohistochemichal diagnosis, positive and differential.

            Since January 1997, I am the head of Pathology Department in the Fundeni Clinical Hospital - Gastroenterology and Hepatology Clinic and it is my responsibility to organize and supervise the activity of our laboratory and also to make diagnosis on biopsy specimens from liver and digestive tract and on cytologies.

My activity includes also oral presentations of different digestive pathologies and clinical cases both on weekly meetings in the clinic and also with different local and national meetings.

            As senior lecturer in the Pathology Department - University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila - I sustain courses and practical seminars for Romanian and also foreign groups of students (teaching in English language).

            Since 2008 (www.pathpathology.ro) I am the co-director of International Course of the Digestive System, held in Bucharest, Romania with a large participation (180 participants from Romania and abroad in 2010).

            Since 2000 to present I am consultant histopathologist and researcher at Victor Babes National Institute of Pathology, Bucharest, Romania.




                   Spoken                                          Written


English                    Native Fluent GoodBasic None                           Native Fluent Good Basic None

French                    Native Fluent Good Basic None                          Native Fluent Good Basic None








Employer (Hospital, Department, Section)

Location (City)






Colentina Hospital Bucharest - clinical stage









University of Medicine and Pharmacy Carol Davila




Assistant Professor






Cantacuzino Clinical Hospital – Head of the Pathology department










Fundeni Clinical Hospital (Head of the Pathology and Cytopathology Department) and Victor Babes National Institute of Pathology (2000-present)



Pathologist Anatomical Pathology




University of Medicine and           Pharmacy Carol Davila



Current position: Senior Lecturer




            Working as senior lecturer in Pathology Chair in Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy (since 1991 as assistant professor and senior lecturer since 2000, I provide lectures and slide seminars for the Romanian and foreign medical students (English class). I also coordinate medical diplomas of graduate students and coordinate medical research in gastroenterological pathology, students being largely involved.




Scientific publications - articles

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